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a Full-Stack Software Engineer from Houston, Texas! Born and Raised!


Developing my dreams into reality,

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While helping others develop their own along the way!

More About Me

Cindy U. Onyekwelu’s diverse professional background and technical skill set positions her as an exceptionally qualified candidate for a role in a startup focusing on AI and technology innovations. Her experience spans across various aspects of software development, from UX/UI design to full-stack cloud web development, showcasing her versatility and deep understanding of the current technological landscape. This breadth of experience is particularly valuable in a startup environment, where adaptability and a broad skill set are crucial.

Her proficiency in a wide range of programing languages and technologies, including ReactJS, NodeJS, Java and SQL, aligns well with the technological demands of an AI-driven company. Her experience in both front-end and back-end development ensures a comprehensive understanding of agile software development processes.

Cindy’s role in developing software applications and optimizing systems illustrates her problem-solving skills and ability to innovate. These qualities are essential in AI development, where creative solutions and continuous improvement are key to staying ahead in the field.

Her educational background in Computational Economics with an applied focus in Computer Science, combined with ongoing professional development, such as the Digital Excellence Program at Dartmouth, signifies a commitment to continuous learning and staying updated with the latest technological trends — a must in the ever-evolving AI sector.

Her experience in mentoring junior engineers and developing technical documentation reflects her ability to share knowledge and guide team members, an invaluable trait for building and nurturing a proficient team in a startup or even lead an org within a corporation.

In conclusion, Cindy’s comprehensive experience in software development, combined with her leadership skills and commitment to continuous learning, make her a highly suitable candidate for a role at your company. Her ability to navigate complex technical challenges and lead innovative projects aligns seamlessly with the requirements of driving an AI-focused company to new heights.