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Amateur literature 


The Pain of Love

It's the fear of living.

Living is the goal and requires 

bravery, strength and courage.

It is all one beautiful dream!

Religion makes us feel safe,

but in reality we still need visual proof.

I forgive out of sanity, and wait until it's my turn...

for a new soul.

We fear losing our soul, not our body.

Race is the coat we wear, remember that and you will...

Live life like a God. 

Life is beautiful,

Music is your proof.

Love is rare, but it will eventually grow onto you.




They Must Be An Aries 

I enjoy thinking within my head more than others, lol. I read the room very carefully before I enter, due to past experiences I have had with some individuals taking great offense when I walk in due to my energy and sometimes due to my looks. I'm a lean fit of a darker skin tone and I tend to look 10 years younger than my age; blame it on my Nigerian roots. However, I have the soul of an old stubborn 65 year old woman who takes photos of my tip receipts at restaurants to make sure the waiter doesn’t write in another zero within my tip line. Call me paranoid, but I have seen my fair share of assholes. ***cough, cough my birth father***

Writing this novel has kept me from thinking about  the things I can not change. It’s better to talk it out, than to pretend everything is fine like the majority of most Americans. My Sun sign is Aquarius and that greatly reflects my personality traits. I love and hate humanity all at the same time. In other words, I hate how humans mistreat one another for things they can not change; such as a skin tone or religion that was forced upon an individual from birth from family members you have no other choice but to trust. War is another pet-peeve of mine as well. Why ruin the land for all, just for a select few…pure waste of resources for a lost cause.

Since we are over my own personal opinions, let’s get into why I’m writing about every type of Aries I have meant over my years in life. My Venus is in Aries; therefore I love hard and aggressively. I never understood until I ran into a dentist, who could have been my best friend, lol. She was always a fire cracker and never afraid to live her best life! She legit almost got us banned from my favorite neighborhood speakeasy bar for yelling “the government is behind the healthcare crisis” loudly and squeezing hand sanitizer within different dates’ hands. While advertising her newly owned dental office. She’s literally the inspiration for me to have the energy to write this book.